Our Commitments

Why this Charter?

Applying the Access quality criteria is a priority which is stated in this Charter in order to continuously improve our company’s services. These criteria consist in six commitments perceived as a dynamic partnership with our suppliers and our clients.

1. Understanding your needs and preparing the quotation
Correctly understanding your needs is the main step in any business relationship. Before anything else, we need to know you before we can advise you. This first step then leads to a proposal on our part in the form of a quotation, free of charge.

2. Selecting the translator (or interpreter)
The second step is to carefully select a translator or interpreter in your area of activity. All our translators and interpreters are professionals who translate exclusively into their mother tongue. They are screened by our Quality Department based on strict criteria (mother tongue, area of specialisation, professional background, etc.). Once they are qualified, they are added to our database of over 1,500 translators and interpreters.

3. Extracting the appropriate terminology
Terminology control is key to ensuring a quality service. We have created reference knowledge bases per profession which cover most areas of business and which are built upon regularly as documents are translated. Throughout the collaboration, an ongoing work of terminology updating is performed by our terminology expert teams.

4. Order confirmation and production of the translation
Listening and understanding your needs, selecting the competent translator and applying the relevant terminology are the three preparation items that precede the launching of your order. Once these first three steps are validated, the translation can begin.

5. Final check of the work
Once completed, the translation is checked over completely before delivery back to you. Both the substance and the form are controlled by proofreaders/translators who have full knowledge of the area concerned and whose mother tongue is the target language.

6. . Client Feedback Survey
Obtaining the Client Feedback Survey is the last step in our quality process. This survey is sent together with the delivery of your translation; it prompts you to rate several criteria ranging from translation quality to service quality, and it allows us to apply corrective actions if required.

Confidentiality: Observing professional secrecy is an absolute requirement for all of our collaborators. The information contained in the translated documents remain strictly confidential at all times.